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headlinesI read a lot of headlines. I may not read the story within but I scan headlines constantly just to get a flavor of the news of the day. I’m not an information snob where I will only scan sports headlines or financial headlines. Nor am I locked into one source for my headlines. I don’t put blinders on and focus on one outlet. I’m all about information diversification.

Therein lies my quandry.

Anyone who has ever written a book or an article for a school paper knows what it’s like to push your work through an editor. As I compare news headlines it makes me wonder who are these people that pick and choose what their lead story is out front. News reports are a powerful thing whether they are true or not.

Case in point – The October 9, 1871 issue of the Chicago Evening Journal ran a piece which said, “The fire broke out on the corner of DeKoven and Twelfth streets, at about 9 o’clock on Sunday evening, being caused by a cow kicking over a lamp in a stable in which a woman was milking.” Illustrations that accompanied that story or appeared soon after also painted Mrs. O’Leary as the cause.

Everyone came to accept that fact that the Great Chicago Fire was started by Mrs. O’Leary’s Cow kicking over a lantern. However, modern historians have dug into the facts surrounding the incident and believe the cow was a scapegoat and Mrs. O’leary, a poor immigrant, was a good target for blame. Court records, transcripts of testimony, and land records, make a pretty good case that fault for the fire is elsewhere. Because of the article the cow has already been tried and convicted in the court of public opinion.

Ah, the power of the press.

Anyway, Lead stories today include:



Clean your plate: 30 to 50 percent of food thrown away[/box]

The lead story at MSNBC is food waste? Really????



Afghan protesters demand U.S. soldier be tried in Afghanistan[/box]

At least this one seems newsworthy.



(For Fraudsters, Shills And Wall St. Analysts)

I like the spin on congress in the headline. It’s too true to be a lie.



‘Obamacare’ to Cost Twice as Much?[/box]

Good to see Fox News is on board with something most Americans knew two years ago. (ObamaCare was signed into law on March 21, 2010.)



Public Rebuke of Culture at Goldman Opens Debate[/box]

We’re still talking about Goldman? Why can’t we all just get along?



A year into uprising, Syrian protesters say they won’t give up[/box]

Current and newsworthy out of our Nation’s capital. What about across town?



Plotting against Iranian nuke sites[/box]

I had to make sure this piece was not the lead story on the Entertainment page.



Airports get in-flight movie rentals for PC[/box]

The headline does seem to be very … west coast.

And that’s my spin around the news services for Thursday, March 15.

Enjoy your day.