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Happy Birthday Marty Balin

Marty BalinIt’s not often a rock icon turns 70.

Marty Balin is one of the founding members of the San Francisco band Jefferson Airplane, the driving force behind one of rock’s great bands. In their heyday they were one of the biggest draws on the planet, second only to the Beatles.

Balin penned the Jefferson Starship hit Miracles. He also wrote The House at Pooneil Corners off the Crown of Creation album.

To call Balin a musical genius would sell the man short when you think about the impact the little San Francisco band had on the landscape of modern music. The Airplane laid the foundation for so many bands to follow. Their Sunday morning performance at Woodstock is legendary.

Balin left the Airplane in 1971 and reconnected with the Starship in 1975. While there he contributed on several hit songs (including “Miracles” (#12), “With Your Love” (#3), “Count on Me” (#8), and “Runaway” (#12). In 1978, Balin left the Starship.

Through the years Balin continued to make music and released a dozen solo albums, his most successful being Balin on the EMI label. His most recent release was 2011’s The Witcher. On occasion he would reconnect with old friends and band-mates for reunion performances.

In 2010 Balin suffered tragic loss with the accidental death of his long-time wife Karen. He has two daughters – Jennifer and Delaney Mariah Skye.

Marty Balin was born on January 30, 1942 in Cincinnati, Ohio. His impact on music is immeasurable. Marty Balin and Jefferson Airplane were inducted into the Rock Hall of Fame in 1996.

Happy Brithday, Marty. Keep making music.

This is an interview with Marty Balin about the genesis of Jefferson Airplane.

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