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Weirdo Wednesday – Nov 9, 2011

Weirdo WednesdayPeople will buy anything. And I literally mean anything. Sometimes they will pay a bunch of money for things you’d have to pay me to take. And if a celebrity is attached to it, the more money it will fetch.

Take for example the recent auction of John Lennon’s gnarly, half-decayed tooth. Over the weekend a Canadian dentist paid  £19,000 ($31,200) for Lenny’s molar. I wonder if the good dentist will resist the urge to fill the cavity.

Lennon's MolarNow because the tooth is so fragile and nobody wants to devalue the ivory icon, there’s no way to really substantiate that the tooth did once reside in John Lennon’s mouth. As the story goes the daughter of Lennon’s housekeeper put the tooth up for auction last month. Whether the tooth really belonged to Lennon. I’m not sure anyone truly knows much less the dentist that bought it.

(Now’s when I want to come up with a good Tooth Fairy joke, but I’m all out.)

I “Imagine” the housekeeper thinks the Dentist is a real “Nowhere Man” for not paying much more than the price of a nice BMW for the iconic tooth. With the tidy some of £19,000 the “Woman” should be able to get a “Ticket to Ride” as she’s “Starting Over.” Fortunately they were able to “Come Together” on the price.

“Yesterday” was a good day for a tooth auction, but especially so if you were a “Walrus.”

You might have noticed… this is just another “Day in the Life” for a web weirdo. Whatever gets you through the night… is all right.