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Observations of a Royal Wedding

Prince William and Kate

I think I know who wears the pants suit in that family. Although… Prince William does carry the sword.

It’s somewhat unfortunate that the royals planned the wedding to coincide with “Wear an Ugly Hat to a Wedding” day. (I wonder if Aunt Clara knows her hats have been stolen?)

The rear license plate on the Aston-Martin that the Prince drove his new bride from Buckingham Palace to Clarence House read — JU5T WED… How quaint!

U.K Crime did not take a holiday in reverence to the royal nuptials.  According to the Telegraph, the total number of arrests is now 52. Of those, 13 arrested were held at Charing Cross and Covent Garden after being found in possession of climbing equipment – helmets – and anti-monarchy placards, suggesting that they planned to climb a building and unfurl banners.

I was very surprised to see Prince William paying homage to that wonderfully camp puppet show, The Thunderbirds, with his uniform selection. The resemblance is uncanny!

As Wedding fever sweeps the nation, I have to wonder how much ale will be hoisted in the name of the Royal Couple, the cake, the dress, the car, the Queen, and what ever else the throng can find to hoist an ale over.

Nice dress… Big Cake… National holiday… What’s not to love about a wedding bash of this scope.

It truly is the sign of the times when the Royal Wedding has its own official website. Not to mention the hundreds of other, non-official sites: http://www.officialroyalwedding2011.org/

Even Google got into the mix with their official “Google Doodle” of the day.