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Occupy Laundrymat

LaundryThat’s it… I’ve had enough!!

I’m not going to put up with dirty laundry anymore!

But what to do? What kind of movement can I start to protest all this dirty laundry? What action can I take that will effectively say I despise dirty clothes and I am tired of looking at that pile of clothes crammed into that blue plastic bin.

It’ll be a grass roots movement. A planned strategy without a leader. It’s me against the dirty clothes taking up space in the corner. It’ll be a memorable protest that will take all my best effort.

I’m at war, I tellya. I’m rounding up all these dirty clothes. I’m going to go “Occupy Laundrymat!” Who’s with me? Who’s got my back… and my socks?

In the words of the great General Douglas MacArthur — “I shall return!” Probably before noon.