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Weirdo Wednesday – October 26, 2011

Weirdo WednesdayThere’s plenty of weird stuff around to keep a weird reporter busy from now till the crickets come home. I mean just look around. Not knocking the Occupy Wall Street people but don’t you think it’s weird that a group protesting banks got over $300,000 in donations and immediately put it in the bank. That’s just weird, but I suppose safer than a jar buried in Central Park.

Lego Man

The Lego Man (Jeff Hindman via Boing Boing)

For this week’s weirdness we are headed to the sunny beaches along the gulf coast of Florida where citizen Jeff Hindman found something a little odd on a recent early morning stroll on the beach. Lying in the surf was an eight foot tall plastic “Lego Man.” The residents of Siesta Key are baffled and have various opinions as to the origin of the newest beachcomber.

From UFOs to divine intervention the opinions are as varied as they are weird, which makes this whole thing right up my alley.

Sarasota county deputies took the Lego Man into protective custody and asks that a family member claim him within 30 days. It is unknown what becomes of Lego Man at the end of that period.

This marks the third occurrence of a Lego Man washing ashore on one of the world’s beaches. In 2007, a similar statue landed on a beach in Holland, and one year later another one floated up Brighton, England. The statues are believed to be the work of Ego Leonard, described by one Lego fan website as an “enigmatic Dutch painter.”

And I thought Lego Harry Potter was weird.

ABC News video