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I Love the Smell of Autumn in the Morning

Autumn roadThis has been a summer for the record books. Day after day of temperatures soaring above OMG had everyone on edge and the devil running for shade.

There wasn’t enough rain to fill a thimble and farm animals sought refuge in empty ponds. It was relentless. I knew summers in Oklahoma were hot but that was freaking ridiculous!

And then just as quick as it arrived, hot seemingly disappeared overnight. One day the mercury was shooting out the top of the thermometer like an oil gusher and the next I was digging around in the closet for a jacket.

A/C’s turned off, windows flew open and summer heat gave way to autumn’s approach. So here I sit this morning with the windows open,  a nice cool breeze airing out the house, a bright morning sun pouring through the trees and I am consumed with gratitude. I get another day of breath and a house full of love. (And I’m not talking about my dogs either although they are head over paws.)

Dog faceAutumn arrived a couple of days back with little fanfare. One day it was summer and the next it was fall. The ever forward march of life soldiers on. So far it’s a great day and nothing spectacular happened other than waking up and smelling the awesome scents of the season. Or was that dog breath in my face.