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The Blood Red Moon of 2010

The Celestial meter has been pegged for two days. You could almost feel the undercurrent of spatial energy flowing all around us as the lunar eclipse approached. Even the dogs were out of sync.  The last time the Lunar Eclipse coincided with the Winter Solstice, it was 1638, eighteen years after the pilgrims landed at Plymouth. If you missed last night’s event, you will only have to wait until 2094 for the next one. We were blessed with a cloudless night, so I was able to get setup to snap off a few pictures.

The picture above was taken at 2:14 eastern time, roughly halfway through the partial eclipse.  It was kind of tricky because the glare from the bright side was overwhelming the shadow side.

The next picture was taken at 3:08 eastern, midway through the eclipse.  For you photographers that want to know details, I shot this with ISO-200, 256mm (digital zoom), 2 second exposure @ f/3.5.  I had to delete several that got tripod movement, but this one was about the best of the bunch.  I would have been able to get more detail with a good optical zoom, but still, I like what I got.

At least I don’t have to wait for the next one to get a good picture.