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I Lost my Job – Somebody in Mumbai Found It!

Over the last couple of years you could not open a newspaper, turn on a television, or talk to a neighbor without hearing about the disappearing jobs situation across America.

I haven’t worked in over two years. That’s not entirely true. I have worked plenty. I haven’t had a job with a nine-to-five clock, health benefits and someone to call boss. I’ve had to fill my time with what freelance projects I can find and the personal writing projects I take on.

The Obama administration is saying unemployment in America is improving. The administration is wrong. The numbers are smoke and mirrors. It’s sleight of hand and the only thing disappearing are jobs. That’s not entirely true either. The jobs are still there – lot’s of them. The only problem is, there is not here. There is not where they used to be. “There” is Mumbai and Bangalore, where American high-tech heavyweights like Microsoft, Dell, Intel, and others are finding a new workforce to fill high tech jobs that once resided from sea-to-shining-sea.

According to a Dan Rather article in the Huffington Post a couple of months back, since 2009 over 250,000 IT jobs in our country disappeared. Over the same period, IT outsourcing positions in India added nearly 850,000 workers, with the average pay for an IT engineer a little under $9,000 a year. (I’m not entirely sure I can blame the Dells and Microsofts of the world considering the average wage for the same IT worker in Silicon Valley is $80,000 a year – plus bennies.)

Coincidence? I think not.