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Bird is the Word

MIAFor a 53 year-old ex-disco star, Madonna still has some moves. Admitted her old cat-like maneuvers are more Caterpillar like and the spring in her step has lost its springyness. I give the old gal credit for hanging in there as long as she has.5ZM354D8VKY4

Sadly the performance will be mostly remembered for the deliberate one-fingered salute by guest singer M.I.A. At least Janet Jackson’s wardrobe malfunction could be attributed to an honest mistake. This was deliberate and worldwide. The talk around the water-cooler this morning is not about Madonna’s near stumble on her lead off number, Voque. Bird is the word today, all single digit of it.

NBC has formally released an apology to the public.

“We apologize for the inappropriate gesture that aired during halftime,” NBC spokesman Christopher McCloskey said. “It was a spontaneous gesture that our delay system caught late.”

Now if they would just apologize for the Knight Rider reboot.