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A Small Place in the City

Photo: Faircompanies.com

Meet professional organizer, Felice Cohen. She’s brought new meaning to the term — Downsizing.

It’s a proven fact that the average size of American homes are shrinking. After decades of expanding square footage and the major increases in the square footage of property, homeowners are beginning to learn that less can be more.

In Felice’s case — way less.

You see, Felice Cohen lives in an area of New York city where rents average around $3,600 a month. Apartment and condo sizes in this part of the city are already about half the size of the average American home. But this New Yorker has downsized her living space to something resembling a walk-in closet with a window. For her 90 square foot apartment she pays well below the going rate for that part of Manhattan — $700 a month.

Her kitchen has all the modern conveniences the floor space will allow – a mini fridge, a toaster over, and hot pot. Looking out her small window, Felice reflects on her little apartment.  “I look out my window, and it’s New York City. I mean, that’s my backyard. Central Park is a block away. I can go into the park. I have Lincoln Center. I have libraries. I have gyms all over the place. Sometimes, I feel like you’re in college, and it’s a huge campus, and you can take advantage of everything you want to take advantage of.”


Learn how Felice organizes her 90-square-foot home.

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