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Weirdo Wednesday – August 10, 2011

I’d like to think this is a homage to my weird inspirations. I would try to have you believe that by pointing out Chuck Shepherd, News of the Weird, creator and founder some 21 years ago, is the gold standard by which I measure all my weird blogs. I’d like to think so. The fact of the matter is, I am certifiably a bit lazy today so I am just going to post a few of his tidbits for your weird reading pleasure.

Cultural Diversity
“Hundreds” of blondes paraded through Riga, Latvia, on May 28 at the third annual “March of the Blondes” festival designed to lift the country’s spirits following a rough stretch for the economy. More than 500 blondes registered, including 15 from New Zealand, seven from Finland and 32 from Lithuania, according to a woman who told Agence France-Presse that she was the head of the Latvian Association of Blondes. Money collected during the event goes to local charities. [The Independent (London)-AFP, 5-31-2011] (Proving once again the blondes do have more fun.)

March of the Blondes - Latvia

Questionable Judgments
China's Got Talent - NutsThe Talented Mr. Zhou: Zhou Xin, 68, failed to get a callback from the judges for the “China’s Got Talent” TV reality show in June, according to a CNN report (after judge Annie Yi screamed in horror at his act). Zhou is a practitioner of one of the “72 Shaolin skills,” namely “iron crotch gong,” and for his “talent,” he stoically whacked himself in the testicles with a weight and then with a hammer. [CNN. 6-21-2011] (ouch!)

Cutting-Edge Research
It’s good to be an Arizona State University student, where those 21 and older can earn $60 a night by getting drunk. Psychology professor Will Corbin, operating with National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism grants, conducts studies of drunk students’ memories, response times and decision-making processes through extensive questioning — after he has raised their blood-alcohol level to precisely 0.08 percent (which Arizona regards as presumed-impaired for drivers). Students are served one type of vodka cocktail, three drinks’ worth, in a bar-like room on campus, and after 15 minutes to let the alcohol be absorbed, the questioning and testing begin. (At the end of the night, taxis are called for the students.) [Arizona Republic, 7-22-2011] (So where the hell was this educational opportunity when I was in college???)

Arizona State University Drinking Program

A News of the Weird Classic (February 2000)
Alabama Prostitution StingTwo undercover policewomen running a prostitution sting in Dothan, Ala., in October (1999) declined to arrest a pickup-truck-driving john, around age 70, despite his three attempts to procure their services. He first offered the women the three squirrels he had just shot, but they ignored him (too much trouble to log in and store the evidence). A few minutes later, he sweetened the offer with the used refrigerator in the back of his truck, but the officers again declined (same reason). On the third trip, he finally offered cash: $6 (but no squirrels or refrigerator). The officers again declined. They later said they had resolved to arrest him if he returned, but he did not.
[Columbus (Ga.) Ledger-Enquirer-AP, 10-23-99, 10-27-99]

Thank you Chuck Sheperd! – New of the Weird