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Weirdo Wednesday – July 27, 2011

(Sing to the tune of the Klondike bar commercial)

“What would you do — for an iPad 2?”

Would you rob a bank or sell drugs?

Would you stand in line for two days or pay double on the black market?

Would you steal your best friend’s?

Seventeen year-olds are not known for their incredibly keen decision making process. It’s amazing I could button a shirt at that age. But for all my faults I never once thought it was a good idea to sell a body part so I could buy my dream gadget, and trust me, I had some pretty awesome dream gadgets in mind. I sort of intuitively knew if it was in my body… it was there for a reason.

Apparently, this seventeen year-old in the Anhui Province, a young boy named Zheng, sold his kidney to buy an iPad. That transcends weird right into felony stupidity.

According to Shanghai Daily, the boy could not afford his dream gadget, the iPad 2. A “broker” (black market organ hustler) contacted the boy online and offered to help Zheng sell a kidney for 20,000 yuan (about $3100). Pimping body parts for a living. Nice job, eh?

Apparently Zheng was so desperate for the iPad, he traveled to Chenzhou City in Hunan Province, and had his right kidney removed at Chenzhou No. 198 Hospital.

Zheng was paid 22,000 yuan (about $3,400) after the organ harvest and sent along his merry way. (Okay my first thought here would be — isn’t there some post-op recovery time involved?)

He took his surgical bonanza, stopped off at the Apple store to pick up his beloved iPad and scurried home to play with his new toy.

Mother’s tend to be pretty observant. After Zheng showed up with a new iPad and a band-aid the size of Manhatten, his mother questioned him about his new found fortune. He confessed that he’d sold his kidney. (I can almost hear that conversation)

Mom: How did you get the iPad?
Son: I sold my kidney.
Mom: (After a puzzled look) No really… where did you get the money?
Son: (Showing the stitches across tummy) Really… I sold a kidney.
Mom: (After a stunned silence) Are you stupid or something?

Selling organs on the black market is totally illegal. (What’s odd to me is that this is such a problem there has to be laws against it. It’s a total epidemic of stupidity.) Mom immediately contacted the police who wasted no time opening an investigation. Investigators were unable to contact the broker Zheng worked with. His phones were off.

The case remains under investigation. Zheng has some pretty severe post-surgery issues. Not surprising considering the hospital was reportedly not qualified to perform an organ transplant. In their defense the hospital claimed they had no knowledge of the surgery. They did admit to contracting the whole urology department to a Fijian businessman that day. It’s just so hard for hospitals to to make a yuan (buck) these days.

Zheng now regrets selling his kidney for an iPad 2 and has the scar to prove it.

For sheer determination in his quest for the Apple iPad, Zheng grabs the honor of being this week’s Weirdo.

The new iPhone 5 will be out in the fall.

The price? A spleen and two toes.