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Haunting Injustice at “The Deepening”

The Deepening world of fiction is devoted to fiction, its readers, its creators and authors. They have a real taste for the paranormal. The are highlighting my novel, Haunting Injustice, today. I am honored to be recognized by their excellent team of editors and book reviewers. The editor confirms what I always knew about this work. The prologue is a bit rough but the story is superb.

Thank you to the editors at The Deepening for highlighting my debut novel.
The Deepening and Haunting Injustice


Everyone is psychic to some degree, and really successful paranormal investigators even if they do not realize it are using their own psychic ability to sense the environment. ~Rosemary Ellen Guiley Quote

The dreaded One Sentence Pitch

I’ve been working on the “One Sentence Pitch” for HAUNTING INJUSTICE all morning. Frankly, I’m unhappy with my one sentence writing skills. Who would think it would be so difficult to boil down a 230 page book into its essence in 50 words or less? I wouldn’t. Would you?

Well, if you think you can do better, here’s a challenge for you. Head on over to the FACEBOOK – Prodigal Scribe fan page, where I have posted a challenge for writing the aforementioned pitch. The winner of the contest will get a signed copy of the second Phoenix Worthy book as soon as it publishes.
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To participate would mean you would either have to have read,
HAUNTING INJUSTICE, or getting ready to.

(options for purchase can be found at: http://www.theprodigalscribe.com/)

“I love talking about nothing. It is the only thing I know anything about.”
~ Oscar Wilde


Haunting Injustice Approved for Production

It was a big day around the writer’s desk today. The last proof showed up in the mail, everything looks spiffy, and HAUNTING INJUSTICE is approved for production.  Books are on order and should be here within a couple of weeks.

It’s very exciting stuff.

You can still pre-order and get a signed copy at www.theprodigalscribe.com between now and Feb 12th. After that the book should be available for purchase at Amazon.com.

Feel free to ask any questions about the book in the comment section.

Because publishing is becoming more business-oriented each day with more examination of the bottom line, it’s harder to break out than ever.
~ Nicholas Sparks


It’s one thing to see…

… a graphics file of your cover art.

It’s something totally different to hold your book in your hand, to see your name on the cover and to open it and read the dedications on the pages within.  I’m sitting here reading my book, one last time.  I had a couple of issues with the cover that has to be addressed.  (Silly me, I had the spine text upside down.  …. oops)

So…  since I had to order one more proof anyway, I figure it is prudent to do one more read-through and see if there’s anything else that needs taken care of.  I’ve already found a couple of minor things to fix.  In the end, you will have a better book in your hands.

My schedule is still on track with having books in hand by mid February and start filling those pre-orders with signed copies and a Haunting Injustice bookmarker.

Also, I will be donating $1.00 to the American Red Cross, Haiti Relief Fund for each copy ordered between now and January 31.  Please go to www.theprodigalscribe.com to place your order.

HAUNTING INJUSTICE available now for pre-order

On Friday of last week, my debut novel, HAUNTING INJUSTICE, became available for pre-order at my website.  While I can’t say copies are exactly flying off the shelf, I am still taking more orders than I expected.

I have decided to donate $1.00 from the purchase price of every copy sold between now and January 31 to the American Red Cross, Haiti Relief Fund.  If you are considering a purchase, please do so now and take advantage of this offer.  A per-order will get you a copy of the book signed by me and a custom bookmarker.

Take a look: Excerpt from Chapter One of Haunting Injustice.

Writing Is…

I would like to thank Cassandra Jade for using my input on her “Writing Is” series hosted on her blog. Cassandra Jade in the Realm

I believe the interaction of writers of all genres, style, and experience is a big part of what keeps us fresh. I enjoy hanging out and listening to other writers talk about the craft.

Thank you Cassandra!

All my life I’ve looked at words as though I were seeing them for the first time. ~ Ernest Hemingway