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UFO Exposed

Remember my UFO post on Weirdo Wednesday a week ago? It was from New Orleans on Monday Night Football. The UFO community was all abuzz with this “unexplainable” video.

As it turns out the unexplainable now is.

The cameraman, R.D. Willis, contacted the Huffington Post to explain what we were all watching. R.D. is a “Time Lapse photographer. He works with the network to provide “Beauty” shots of the city the game is played in. Sometime during the broadcast the network will play the video.

In the case of the UFO behind St. Louis Cathedral in New Orleans, what the viewer is seeing is commercial aircraft appearing to fly very fast because of the nature of time-lapse photography.

“If you watch Sunday Night Football on a regular basis, you will recognize my time lapse videos throughout our telecasts,” Willis told HuffPost exclusively.

“I move and manipulate my Nikon Still DSLR camera with a computer controlled pan head and dolly. This technique makes my time lapse video motion seem more like ‘real time’ motion when, in fact, they are a series of still images played back very quickly.”

Using his special rig that combines a camera, computer and dolly, every Friday night, Willis (seen here with his camera setup in New Orleans) goes out and shoots videos of different scenes in the host football city he finds himself in.

The entire video that shows rod-shaped objects moving behind the cathedral lasts nearly 30 seconds, but in order to end up with a sequence that appears to be moving in real time, it took Willis much longer to capture the scene.

“I’m a time lapse photographer, so the interval — the amount of time between shutter clicks– varies based on the subject matter,” he explained. “I want to shoot a clock for an hour so that I can see that minute hand spin all the way around.

“In real time, it took me about an hour and 10 minutes, standing there with my motion control track set up in front of the [cathedral] gates. And that’s how I got all those images.”

I love a good UFO as much as the next guy but on this one the record is set straight.