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Hurricane Irene Was a Bit of a Biotch!

Hurricane IreneHurrican Irene pounded the east coast over the weekend and continues to flood New England in epic fashion.

She lashed the South Carolina coast last Friday as she made her way offshore to a Saturday morning landfall along the Outer Banks. At that time Irene had all the makings of a major catastrophe.

As bad as the flooding in the northeast and the projected eight billion in damages we should be counting our blessings for what didn’t happen rather than moaning over what did. Yes, the relatively few lives lost was tragic, but given a slightly different path or a slightly different travel speed that sent Irene right up the Hudson River and we could be looking at an entirely different aftermath; hundreds or possibly thousands of lives lost.

My prayers go out to my east coast neighbors struggling to deal with the property damage and personal loss.

As always the American Red Cross steps forward as the preeminent global disaster relief organization to reach into the affected communities and provide a helping hand in the face of tragedy.


Devastation in Joplin

Until you’ve lived through the raw power of nature you can’t fully appreciate the depth of her unforgiving nature.

My thoughts and prayers go out to the citizens of Joplin as they work to recover from this devastating tornado. Search resumed at daylight for more victims.

To find out how you can help call 1-800-RedCross or visit www.RedCross.org

Mail monetary donations to:
American Red Cross
P.O. Box 37243
Washington, DC 20013