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“Being Human” on SyFy Network (Review)

What do a Vampire, a Werewolf, and a Ghost have in common? They share an apartment in Boston.

As jokes go, it’s not a very good one. The thing is, this is not a joke. It’s the premise of a new series on the SyFy Network called Being Human. Between Twilight, True Blood, and The Vampire Diaries, you would think television is in vampire overload. But you know how the entertainment business is.  “If it works once, let’s see how many times and how many ways we can get it to work.”

Or, if it works in Great Britan, let’s copy it. Being Human launched its third season, January 23rd, on the BBC, and is the most watched program on BBC’s iPlayer. In my limited experience, the Brits make better vampires.

In the premier episode of the US version we are introduced to Aiden (the vampire) and Josh (the werewolf) getting ready for a days work as orderlies at some nondescript hospital. They are talking about how much they want to live like regular guys, eat pizza and watch sports on TV. They decide to move in together and just be human. Like that has a sharp fang’s chance of happening.

No sooner do they move into their new place, they are introduced to Sally (the ghost) who died in the building. (Her heartbroken fiancée is their landlord) Following me so far?  The boys find being human is a lot tougher than they thought, considering Josh’s full moon thing and Adian’s thirst for blood, and we won’t even begin to talk about Sally’s issues.

The series strays from standard vampire lore as Adian seems highly capable of walking the streets in daylight and checking out his reflection in the mirror. Maybe everything we know about vampires is wrong anyway.

I give Being Human a B+ for better than average chemistry between the cast.  The first part of the season premier started out a little slow. It took a while to introduce the characters and get the story rolling, but by the end of Part 1, the tension was high and death was knocking on a locked door. The cliffhanger was enough to bring me back for Part 2.

The real wild card (no pun intended) is Josh and his werewolf issue. I like what he said during the opening few minutes. “I thought the hell was going to be every full moon. The hell is every-thing in between.”

If you like good paranormal thrillers, this is worth a look.  I am intrigued enough to come back for episode 3. Parts 1 & 2 of the season premier, “There Goes the Neighborhood,” is available for streaming at Hulu.com.

Cast interview: TV Squad on AOL.

“Yeah. I did a 21-hour day for the werewolf transformation, then I had four hours of sleep and then I did a 19-hour day of the same thing.” ~Sam Huntington (When asked about the werewolf makeup)