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Separation of Santa and State

No SantaIt’s political correctness run amuck. It’s government idiocy and scrooge mentality at its finest.

Here’s the scoop.

Somewhere in the very blue state of Massachusetts a local school system banned Santa Claus from visiting elementary school children citing “religious” concerns. It’s the proposed separation of Santa and State.

Since 1960 firefighters in the town of Saugus would dress up like Santa Claus and visit every elementary school in the district handing out coloring books. But on Monday, the school superintendent put on his best Scrooge imitation and told firefighters that they would not be welcome this year. Santa Claus is banned.

“Certainly everyone acknowledges their holiday in a special way they want. But there is a conflict between the church and the state in that regard,” Superintendent Richard Langlois said. (Reports of the rattling of Jacob Marley’s chains clanging in the background cannot be confirmed.)

Whoa there Herr Scrooge, Santa Claus is not a religious figure. There is not one single mention of St. Nick, Kris Kringle, or Father Christmas anywhere in the bible. Santa Claus is a mythical legend, born from folklore and mostly perpetuated in the retail environment.

Regardless, the superintendent stood by his decision. That is until word hit the streets that some idiot was trying to keep Santa Claus away from the children. In this day and age of Facebook and Twitter you can’t hide from your stupid decisions. Common sense took hold and by the end of the day Santa was back on the agenda. The Saugus School Committee is likely to discuss the issue next month. Let’s hope Santa doesn’t get a pink slip.

“I couldn’t believe it,” one firefighter said. “There are so many things in the world going on – to see that all of a sudden Santa can’t go to the schools – what else are we going to give up?”

Superintendent Scrooge defended his Santa ban saying he was simply enforcing the rules. “I’m carrying out the orders of the school community,” he said. “I’m not overstepping my bounds.”

Stocking CoalI suspect the Superintendent probably based his decision on ignorance wrongly assuming anything associated with anything with the word Christ in it was overtly religious. I wonder what “Rules” he was referring to.

You have to wonder where does it stop? A few years back a ban on the jolly fat guy seemed as likely as people pitching tents in Manhattan.

Perhaps Superintendent Scrooge will wake up to a stocking full of coal on Christmas morning.

The appropriate song by the children of Saugus would be…

“We’ll have a blue Christmas without you…”

This whole affair is just another example of: You can’t fix stupid.