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I’m a lot of things — writer, biker, geek, handyman, and all around good guy. (This is where the light glimmers off my shiney whites.)

But one thing I am not is a cook. Oh, I can open a can of beans with the best of them. I toast a mean bagel and I can even work my way around a grill turning a porterhouse into a meal instead of shoe leather.

But to work my way around a kitchen, slicing and dicing, food prep, sauteing and such. That’s not me. I’m doing good to boil water.

Yesterday I thought I might try my hand at cooking scallops. Growing up along the South Carolina coast I was raised on seafood and hush puppies. (If you are quite unsure what a Hush Puppy is, go here.)

You see, I’m on this diet and I have to have simple meals that includes seafood high in protein and low in calorie. Trust me when I say I love Scallops and was pretty much certain I would screw them up. By the end of it I would have something akin to golf balls except without the bouncy dimpled texture.

But I was willing to risk it.

With the diet I couldn’t cook it in oil or butter so I was handicapped out of the gate. I sprayed the pan with a good coating of cooking spray, turned the flame on slightly above low. (My biggest fear was burning the outside and under-cooking the inside.)

I had nine medium to large scallops, thawed and ready to cook. Once the pan had warmed I placed them all in the center in a tic-tac-toe pattern.  A little garlic salt and some black pepper and away we go. After about 4 minutes or so, I turned the scallops over and gave them a nice cook on the other side for another 4-5 minutes.

I can sum this up with three words… Oh Em Gee!

These were so good. Cooked to perfection.

So with the salad (picante sauce for dressing), scallops, and a peach, my lunch amounted to around 150 calories.

I’ve actually been surprised how much you can eat with a low calorie diet.

I don’t miss potatoes… I swear I don’t. No really… I don’t.