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Terra Nova

Not be be outdone by the folks over at TNT, Fox TV is coming with its own big budget Sci-Fi series produced by Spielberg — Terra Nova.

I love the premise. An international Television conglomerate suffering from mediocre ratings for everything not Glee, decides to sink $4 million per episode on a big Jurassic production filmed on the other side of the planet. Just what we need… another big budget television epic.

Fox Entertainment president Kevin Reilly stated, “This thing is going to be huge!”

Set in the year 2149, Earth is on the verge of extinction. The air is unbreathable, the cities are collapsing, and hope is all but lost….. But wait! Scientists have a technological miracle at hand. They have built a machine to send settlers back in time — 85 million years back in time to resettle earth.

Now, I’m not genius, but you would think, being scientists and all, they would have chosen a time where dinosaurs did not rule the planet. Maybe they could’ve chosen a time after the meteor strike kills the dinosaurs and made the planet uninhabitable for several thousand years. Just sayin’.

Walking through the portal into the past is the Shannon family led by patriarch, Jim Shannon, played by Jason O’Mara – Life on Mars. With him are his wife, Elizabeth, and children, Josh and Maddy. Jim leaves behind a checkered past that will haunt him in the new world. Leading the colony at Terra Nova is Commander Nathan Taylor, played by Stephen Lang (You might remember Langs performance as Colonel Miles Quaritch in Avatar.)

The new world may be lush and green, but around every corner lies something or someone that wants to kill you. Sort of reminds you of home, doesn’t it.

Look for Terra Nova, coming to FOX TV this September.


Falling Skies

One of my favorite things in cinema/books/TV is Science Fiction. I mean, come on, who didn’t like “Lost in Space” with Doctor Smith and that freaking robot… “Danger, Will Robinson!”

I recently watched a couple of episodes and discovered it was a whole lot more benign than I thought it was. I’m more of the “Aliens” alien type. The bigger, the badder, the better. Alien vs. Predator was like Sci-Fi overdrive on steroids. You just didn’t know who to pull for. They were both bad to the Borg.

In one week a new prime-time Sci-Fi series will premier on TNT. Falling Skies (Sunday, Jun 19 – 9/8C time) is somewhat of a War of the Worlds reboot without Tom Cruise and the screaming little girl.

Main character, Tom Mason, (Noah Wylie – Dr. John Carter on ER) is a history professor in Boston who becomes the leader of soldiers and civilians who line up to battle an invading alien force. (I like it already) The Boston resistance is called the “2nd Mass” (likely after the 2nd Massachusetts who fought at Antietam). They are a rag-tag group of civilian fighters, out-raygunned from day one. They plan to take back Earth one bloody bag of Aliens at a time.

This Spielberg produced epic has potential. Let’s hope it doesn’t have the cheesy aliens we’ve seen in past alien invasions such as “V” and Mars Attacks. That was some stinky cheese.