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$#*! my Driver Says

NASCAR Driver Scott Speed

NASCAR Driver Scott Speed is not having anything go his way these days.  The Red Bull organization released him from his driving contract for the 2011 season.  It puts him in the situation of looking for a ride for next year with few opportunities available. He’s engaged his former employer in a six million lawsuit for breach-of-contract. And then there was this brief exchange with his wife Amanda on Twitter.

I’m glad to see writers and bikers are not the only ones that say stupid $#*!. Come to think of it, when I look back on the days when I was covering NASCAR as a Motorsports journalist, these guys were constantly saying something stupid.

To start getting ready to think about getting ready for Daytona, I offer you…

Stupid $#*! NASCAR Drivers Say.

Dale Earnhardt – “You win some, lose some, and wreck some.”

Tony Stewart – “He’s an idiot. They name streets after people like that – one-way and dead-end”

When asked why he took up racing, Kyle Petty replied, “Too lazy to work and too chicken to steal”

Carl Edwards – “I’d give you the finger if I didn’t have a camera in here.”

Darrell Waltrip to Juan Pablo Montoya – “How do you say Boogity in Spanish?”

JPM’s reply – “How do you say it in English?”

“Racing at Bristol is like jet fighters in a gymnasium.” ~Richard Petty