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My Dog

My DogThis is my dog.

I have always thought of myself as more of a cat person — a free spirit in the cat-box of life. I never had a dog. Having a dog was like a real commitment and I’m not a world class commitment kind of guy. To say I’ve struggled would be like Custer saying he found a few Indians.

A cat can take care of himself and when he/she needs food or water, he/she will let you know and that’s the extent of the relationship. Now if they could only clean their own cat-box.

The fact that I have a dog who thinks I am his owner is somewhat of a novelty. What did I do that gave him the idea I was his owner. I dunno but he is obviously confused.

The dog is very smart. He has good taste in owners.

Insane Clown Puppy

For those of you that haven’t met…

This is Shooter McGruder.

He’s oddly strange in a funny kind of way. He can look at you through the misty eyes of Beagle love. And in the next minute be in your face “Yarking” like an insane maniac. (Yark is shooter speak for get up and pay attention to me!)

He’ll get going around the living room like it’s the Daytona 500, racing around like Richard Petty headed for the checkers. And then he’s sitting in the front window staring at the neighbors like – “One of these days, mister… One of these days.”

This is the strangest little dog ever. He tries my patience. He has this look when he’d done something he knows he shouldn’t be doing. No, it’s not this look – not even close. He tilts those eyes in a way that says, “You’re going to mad but I can explain. I didn’t mean to — really I didn’t.”

He has the attention span of a deck chair and the sneaky mind of a spy. He’s scary smart. I’m convinced he has retractable thumbs. He’ll get stuff you would absolutely need thumbs to acquire.

I love this silly insane dog… most of the time. In my face yarking at 5:00 in the morning is questionable.


He’s a Beaglemaniac!

One look into the innocence of this bundle of Beagle love and you would think… “Awwwwwww — What a sweet and marvelous puppy!”

You would be mistaken.

This little guy is a canine wrecking crew. Nothing is safe from the jaws of death. The Lab is about ready to have a nervous breakdown from the oppressive din of the Beagle’s yark! (Think “Bark” but three octaves higher.)

I’ve never seen a Beagle with this many personalities:

1: Shooter McGruder – the world is his chew toy

2: Jaws – Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the kennel

3: Sherlock Bones – The Hound of  the Yarkersville

4: The Godpuppy – Leave the bone, take the cannolli.

5: Top Dog – I have the need for cheese.

6: Legal Beagle – Your briefs are not safe.

7: Andretti Puppy – Zooms round and round the house at hyper-beagle speed.

8: Bobby McBeagle – Won’t worry, be snappy

9: Astropup – The Beagle has landed.

I wouldn’t take a million dollars for him. (Well maybe I would, but not a penny less.)

The maniac has a way of creeping into your heart.