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We needed a sign for that?

So probably there was no sign and then stupidity arrived. And someone’s boneheadedness turned into the need for a sign. For example….

Don’t drive your car off the cliff into the ocean.

Don't drive your car off the cliff into the ocean.

I didn’t need a sign for that. My car works better on the highway. It’s a car. It’s not interchangeable as a boat or airplane.

What about this one? No parking on the lava flow.

Lava Flow

Just more government intrusion on our freedom of idiocy.

Now I don’t know how many of you are race fans. Those of you that are and have spent a Saturday evening camping at the race track may see the irony in this sign. Everybody knows you can’t race coolers when they are full of beer.
Cooler Racing
You can race your cars all you like.

And then there’s this little slice of everyday life on an American golf course. I intuitively know not to approach animals with a thing for human flesh and the teeth to prove it. Apparently that knowledge evaded Stubby McClane, hence the need for a sign to announce once and for all that “Yes, Virginia. Alligators will take your leg off…. Just ask Stubby.”

I also like the approach this group used to caution visitors about wild animals.


It could be a dog. It could be a gator. It could be a bear. It could be Tyrannosaurus Rex. Venture forth and find out.

How about this one… Wouldn’t your nose tell you to turn back long before you got close enough to read the sign?

I’m still trying to wrap my brain around this one.

So it says either:

  1. Poking squirrels could lead to blood loss.
  2. Park rules prohibit bleeding on the wildlife.

Maybe the sign is for the squirrels. That would actually  make more sense.

Hammer Time