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Snowpocalypse 2011

Unless you’re vacationing in Tahiti, laid up in a coma, or living deep below a West Virginia cow pasture in a coal mine, you’ve probably heard there’s been a little snow. From Maine to Chicago through the Plain states into North Texas, it’s a snow storm for the ages. In the middle of Oklahoma it started out with heavy sleet around 9:00 p.m. Monday evening, turning into heavy snow after midnight. Blizzard conditions set in and the white stuff fell until late in the afternoon on Tuesday. It was a stroke of good fortune that we only got a foot and never lost power.

A third of the country is buried in snow and temperatures hovering around OMG! For the record – I put snow in the same category as root canals, tax audits, and the Taliban. Today was a shovel the driveway day, broken shovel and all, to see if it was possible to get the vehicle out onto the unplowed streets. I think I’d rather have bamboo shoots pushed under my fingernails or forced to watch Jersey Shore. (The Horror!)

It’s supposed to climb above the freezing mark on Saturday for the first time since Monday evening. It might get all the way up to a balmy 38°. And then fall like a rock back into the teens. Won’t be much snow melting anytime in the near future.

I’m going to leave you with this guy – The Sam Kinison of Weathermen!


No motorcycling in blizzards


With the bulk of the midwest buried in the white stuff and all bundled up in their snuggies, I’d like to give a shout out to all my biker friends in Chicago, Minneapolis, Toldedo, and the surrounding areas. It sucks to be you.

I’m hearing from people with over twenty inches of snow on the ground. What do you get to do in weather like that? Shovel snow? Make snow angels? Have snowball fights with your riding brothers? Ride your Harley? The answers to those questions are respectively, yes – yes – yes – and, are you out of your ever-loving mind? When you open your garage door and all you see is white, don’t you just get a little weepy? Spring is still three months away and your riding season is officially closed.  Well, it is for those of you in the frozen tundra of the American midwest. The short riding season is a good reason to not live there.

I basically ride year round. Let me qualify that…

There are days I won’t ride because it’s in the thirties or below, but there are days when it’s in the thirties or below that I will. If I have to ride I won’t let low temps stop me.  I like riding in cool weather.  I just don’t like getting ready to ride in cool weather. Layering the clothes, hauling out the big leather, and getting it all on is just a pain in the ass. There may be a few days in the winter when we get snow and on those days I wouldn’t ride even if I thought I could. The biggest need for a safe ride is traction.  Traction is everything and you just get very little of it on the snow and ice.  But thankfully those days are few and far between.

So to my my chosen frozen friends of the north, I say grab a cup of hot cocoa, sit by the crackling fire and think about riding along the beaches of Daytona or Southern California. Me – I’m going for a ride today.

“I’d rather be riding my motorcycle, thinking about God, than sitting in church, thinking about my motorcycle.” ~Anonymous biker