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PC Tune-Up

HelpEvery now than then even the technician needs help.

Here for the last few days my the old Laptop (Dell, about a 2005 vintage) has been running in the mud. (Geek speak for really, really slow.)

I upgraded to Windows 7 awhile back and haven’t really had a software tune up tool and over time, temp files, registry errors and lord knows what other little software glitch I had going on was pulling my system down to trot mode. Whatever it was, I was going to have to fix it or grow old at the keyboard.

Which began a search for a software tool with three important features.

  1. Low Cost
  2. High functionality
  3. Easy to use

Someone recommended Glary Utilities. (I’m always leary when I think about using software from people I’ve never heard of, but I trusted the source of the recommendation.)

I applied my normal research checks before testing out any new software.  Some of the comments I found on CNET from user reviews included:

  • Essential Utility
  • WOW!! Absolutley worth downloading
  • Glary Products Rock
  • Fast, Effective, Comprehensive Cleaning

There were a few naysayers, but the overwhelming majority (3200 of 3500 4 or 5 star user ratings) gave this utility high marks. Couple that to this product being the #1 downloaded PC repair utility on CNET, I made the informed decision to give it a try.

After downloading and installing the application, I opened up their easy-to-use control panel and with no configuration involved, went to the one-click maintenance screen and selected “Scan for Issues.”

Glary Utilities went to work and in short order came back with a list of issues to be repaired, broken registry links, temporary files, invalid shortcuts, just to name a few.

With another click of the Repair Issues button and the old Dell who seemed nearly down for the count was up dancing around the ring like a champion ready to take on all comers.

So with all the search and repair tools built in the high functionality requirement was met. Fixed with two mouse clicks without haveing to dig through a lot of menus made Glary Utilities a breeze – Easy to use… CHECK!

What about cost?

The basic, easy-to-use, high functionality utility is FREE.


Glary Utilites