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Another Reason for Dropping the NFL from my Life

Eric Decker

Life in these Politically Correct times is becoming a constant stream of: Who-comes-up-with-this-stuff?

Shortly after Veterans Day, Broncos wide receiver Eric Decker paid tribute to America’s service men and woman after scoring a touchdown in Denver’s victory over Kansas City on Sunday. The act earned the player a yellow flag for unsportsmanlike conduct.


Next thing you know they be throwing the golden handkerchiefs for smiling at cheerleaders.

Frankly it’s an embarrassment to the league and an affront to every soldier who loves (or doesn’t love) the game. What was the ref thinking?

Now, in defense of the idiotic flag tosser, he was holding to the letter of the rule. When Decker took a knee in the process of his honoring the troops he violated the “Excessive celebration” rule.

Excessive celebration…

Just the phrase itself sounds somewhat moronic. Isn’t the whole point of team sports to celebrate the great play. To stand and cheer your team mates on a job well done; to applaud a talent that rises above the norm and brings the fans to their feet. Oh, we wouldn’t want to excessively celebrate that.

Think of it this way…

For honoring the troops the player received the same penalty a player would get for blowing through the line before the snap, driving a quarterback to the ground and breaking his collarbone, “Unsportsmanlike Conduct.” Of course the ref would have the discretion to remove the player from the game as well.

How about next time ref use that discretion wisely and don’t mess with a well-meaning act, absent of malice and meanness.

I saw enough unsportsmanlike conduct back during the lock-out to last a lifetime.

Legal in the NFL: Scoring a touchdown and then running 100 yards down the sideline to give the ball to your girlfriend who’s a cheerleader for the opposing team.

Not legal in the NFL: Scoring a touchdown and saluting the troops on Veterans Day weekend.