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Super Bowl 2012

Super Bowl 2012It’s been a week of indecision.
The question at hand…

Will I or will I not watch the Super Bowl. Will I end my lock-out and join the millions of other Americans on game day with a tray of goodies and five hours to spare to watch the Giants and the Patriots have at it. To quote The Thing… “It’s clobberin’ time!”

I can’t really use, “Well, I’m watching it for the commercials,” as the excuse. I’ve seen most of them on YouTube. Curse you, YouTube.

It can’t be about the halftime show — Madonna. That makes about as much sense as Elton John headlining a motorcycle rally. (Which did happen – click here) Maybe the Material Girl would’ve been a good show 30 years ago., ice cream cones and all, but not the 2012 Super Bowl. The word is she will be joined by Cirque Du Soleil. That’s a terrible thing to do to a Cirque du Soleil show.

It’s a matter of principle. I set out when the season began to make a personal statement. To say, I’m fed up with millionaires arguing over my money. So far I haven’t watched a game. I have had no emotional attachment to the NFL this year. They didn’t care about me, I just returned the favor.

But now here we are, game day. The punctuation to the season and here I sit waffling on my laurels. So the question remains just a few hours before kick-off…

Do I fall on the sword of my principles and give in to the Super Bowl  mystique, sit here at game time and sob at my own lack of self-control? Or do I stand by my boycott and laugh in the face of corporate America on the biggest marketing event of the year?

You know…

There may be a commercial I haven’t seen on YouTube.

Decisions, decisions. Material girl is sounding better all the time, waffle cones and all.