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That would be an awesome product. Head up to the corner drug store and pick up a bottle of Cataract-B-Gone drops in the eye care section and a week later you are seeing like a teenager again.

Maybe in a few years, but today removal of cataracts requires minor outpatient surgery. When the parental units had their surgeries a few decades back it was a much tougher surgery that took much longer, and the recovery was measured in days, not hours. Today’s procedure usually takes less than an hour and vision improvement is usually immediate.

You would think this surgery was a 20th century development. You would be wrong. Actually cataract surgeries were performed in ancient times:

Sanskrit manuscripts from the 5th century B.C. describe the earliest type of cataract surgery known as couching. In this procedure, the cataractous lens was displaced away from the pupil to lie in the vitreous cavity in the back of the eye. The displacement of the lens enabled the patient to see better. Vision, however, was still blurred due to the unavailability of corrective lenses.

Recent excavations in Iraq, Greece and Egypt have uncovered bronze instruments that would have been used for cataract surgery. In 29 A.D., the practice of needling or discission was noted in De Medicinae. This technique breaks up the cataract into smaller particles, thereby facilitating their absorption.

I bring all this up because tomorrow is my eye surgery. I’m headed to the VA today for a pre-op consult. Cataract surgery on Weirdo Wednesday.

How appropriate!

Today’s cataract surgery is routine and practically without risk. Everything you ever wanted to know about cataract removal is in this video.



Source: Museum of Vision.org