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A Bad Day at the Dragon

There is a little stretch of curvy road on the southwest corner of the Smokey Mountain National Park called The Tail of the Dragon. Riders literally come from all over the world to this little corner of Tennessee to try to tame The Dragon. This little ribbon of asphalt can be a real challenge for even the most skilled rider.

Occasionally someone will try to ride the Dragon like they ride to bike night and the highway is not very forgiving. Traction is everything and your machine is glued to the pavement on two tiny patches of rubber not much bigger than a big footprint. Lose traction, as this bike did, and it’s all over but the crash.

Crash on the Tail of the Dragon

Considering the positioning of the passengers hand and the impending intersection of skin and pavement, I can only guess this didn’t end well. At a minimum there were only broken bones and road rash, picking out little pieces of asphalt for the next three days. Ouch! At worst… well, we won’t even think about the at worst.

Over the last dozen years baby boomers by the thousands have taken to two wheels. Many fancy themselves to be the next Evel Knievel or Peter Fonda. Some people forget motorcycles are inherently dangerous and will put themselves into a situation outside their skill level. Once there the results can be deadly.

Even the most experienced riders can benefit from the occasional skills development program. You may already know how to ride. They will just show you how to ride safer.

For rider courses in your area contact:

Motorcycle Safety Foundation

or Learn to Ride @ Rider’s Edge

**Thank you to my biker friend Michael for passing along the above photo.