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It seems everyone is getting tattooed these days. It’s not just the domain of convicts and bikers. Celebrities, soldiers,  and the girl next door are as likely to get tattoos as make a trip to the dentist.

Did you know President Teddy Roosevelt had a chest tattoo of his family crest? Not many people did. Chest tattoos are easily hidden from the public.  Caroline Kennedy has a small butterfly tattoo she got on a trip to Hong Kong in the 80s. Even the former Prime Minister of England, Winston Churchill, had an anchor tattooed on his right arm. (His mother, Lady Randolph Churchill, had a snake tattoo on her right wrist. I imagine that was quite the scandal in those times.)

15104And then there’s John Fedderman, the Mayor of Braddock, Penn. Fedderman has been described as “America’s Coolest Mayor.” He has the zip code of his town, 15104, tattooed on his left forearm. On his right you will find six dates inked into his skin. These represent days when a citizen of his town died under terrible circumstances during his tenure. One refers to a child who froze to death after she was left in a park overnight by her father. This mayor is one cool dude!

You know tattoos have really gone mainstream when even Lego’s are getting inked.

Lego Tats

A Google for “Tattoo” images returns over a million hits. Must be getting very popular.