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Remember Balloon Boy Dad?

I know this is not Weirdo Wednesday. That was yesterday. But this morning I ran across Balloon Boy dad Richard Heene on YouTube plying his wares. You might remember how he and wife, Mayumi, duped the national attention by flying a silver balloon thousands of feet in the air, supposedly with son Falcon aboard. This all turned out to be a hoax and in addition to paying $36,000 dollars in restitution, Heene spent 90 days in county jail. (Mayumi served 20 days of weekend jail.)

That was then–this is now.

Apparently the Heenes moved to Florida. Dad got out of the balloon business and into the inventing business. His latest invention, the Heene-Duty Truck Transformer has caught the eye of Brett Wagonner of AME International.

“Richard is a crazy genius,” Waggoner said. “But it’s a top-notch invention and he’s a driving force behind it.”

Isn’t crazy just another word for weirdo? Anyway, I can’t speak to the validity of the Transformer as a marketable product. I do however question the sanity of having Richard Heene as your spokesperson.