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If Your Life was a Video Game

Would you be Pacman running willy nilly through life’s maze eating everything in your path? Would you feel the world chasing you, ready to gobble you up around every corner? In a burst of energy you turn and attack, destroying the little people behind you? Are you a bit of a paranoid schizophrenic letting the least little thing turn you into some monstrous creature intent on domination. Feeling kind of yellow with a big mouth?

Or would you be more like Space Invaders safe within the confines of your little spacecraft taking pot shots at the world in front of you. You slide back and forth looking for the perfect moment to make your attack, that moment when you can do the most damage, inflict the most terror, even to the point of destroying everything in your path. Do you glance out the little slit of glass so you can watch with glee as your competition disappears in a glorious crash and burn?

Or would you be like Frogger, standing safely on the sidelines, studying the path before you, checking out the obstacles and the hazards zooming by. Would you squander an opportunity to advance, frozen while waiting for that perfect moment, unwilling to take risks, unwilling to lay your little frog life on the line to move ahead. Or would you stagnate and die as the whole world passed you by?

Maybe you’d be more like Donkey Kong, a brute intent on climbing the ladders of life. Damn the bananas, full speed ahead. I recognize your type. You’d be the one at the top of the ramp tossing whatever you could find, barrels, fireballs, cement pies, anything to stop the little people (Who look remarkably like Mario) trying to come up behind you.

If you don’t recognize any of these video games, don’t worry. You were probably born in the 90s.