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Weirdo Wednesday – June 15, 2011

June is the favorite month for weddings. Perfect timing to take a spin around the planet and find those off-the-beaten-path weird places people go to get married. For every wedding chapel and magistrates office in America is a strange, bizarre, oddly weird place people will pay good money to get married.

Sometimes these weird wedding spots are places we pass on the street everyday.

Wedding at Wendys

Wedding at McDonalds

Wedding at WalMart

Wedding at Taco Bell

Wedding at Bass Pro Shops

Wedding at the Mall

And then there are those exotic specialty weddings. (exotic is just another word for weird)

Take for instance the Marriage in the sky people.

For no telling how many thousands of dollars these folks will hoist your wedding party high above terra firma to experience matrimonial bliss high above the ground. Depending on the size of your budget, this could be over the Grand Canyon, beside the London Eye or overlooking central park. No wedding is too big – and neither is the fee.

You might even choose to cap off the nuptials with a his and her bungee jump off the platform.

If high above the Earth doesn’t thrill you then perhaps you might spring for the Wedding Under the Sea package at Jules Undersea Lodge, Key largo, Fl. For a little under two grand, you and your impending spouse will be married in the underwater habitat by a local Notary Public. Early that evening a chef will dive in to prepare the evening feast and pour the champagne. Later that night you will sleep with the fishes. Or whatever else you do underwater in South Florida.

You’ll have to really climb if you want to top this Nepalese couple who had their ceremony on the top of Mount Everest. Between you and me I think it’s a little freaky to have to take off your breathing apparatus to say your vows.

And that’s a look at weird places for weddings.

Look for weird wedding cakes in a future blog.