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Weirdo Wednesday – Dec 21, 2011

Weirdo WednesdaySo here we are the last WW before Christmas. I thought I would Google “Weird Christmas Trees.” I hit the motherlode of weirdness.

The only problem I had was sorting out the weirdest so I tried to pick out the weirdest of the weird.

I thought the PacMan tree from Madrid was rather unique.


And then there’s the Keg Tree with the beer can ornaments. Considering all the booze bottles and twelve-packs under the tree I’m guessing this is the Delta House.

The Keg Tree

Keeping with the Spirit’s of Christmas theme, this green beer bottle construction is a great addition to the weirdness. I’m not quite sure how safe it will be when the drunks start throwing stuff at each other.

The Beer Tree

I rather like the tree tree. It has scope and breadth and aroma. I love the smell of spruce in the morning — it smells like…. Christmas.

The Tree Tree

Things can get a little topsy-turvy around Christmas even without the booze.

Check out this upside down Christmas tree.

The Upside-down Tree

One’s weird – two’s a trend.

The Upside-down Tree 2

I don’t even know what to call this one. It’s weird even by my standards.

The Very Werid Tree

Ingenuity counts for something. Trust a man when he says, give me some plywood and a ladder and I will build a freaking Christmas tree. Maybe two.

The Plywood Tree—-The Ladder Tree

I don’t know what it is, where it came from, who made it, or even what it’s made of. It’s either gold wrenches or styrofoam. I think by definition – if you can’t define something, it’s definitely weird.

The WTF Tree

So if you haven’t got that pine or spruce marvel for your living room there’s still time to embrace the weirdness.

If you already have a weird tree please send me a photo in the space below.