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Creative Mind Meld

Spock Mind MeldDo you remember when Spock would reach out to someone’s face, place his fingers in a strategic arrangement and burrow his brainwaves into the person’s mind like an alien invader of thought?

We’re not going to do that today.

What we are going to do is take a little journey. An odyssey of excursion to glimpse my creative mind;  a quick peek into how I spawn a writing project. Creation… is not pretty.

To understand where I am going it helps to know where I have been. I haven’t always been a creative writer, although I have always been a creative type person. I was more like the little professor, taking things apart to see how they worked and sometimes getting them back together so they would work again. (Ask me about the radar detector some day.)

I remember as a child visiting the grandparents. Papa Mills always had a pile of lumber stacked up behind the house. Most people would see it and call it a junk pile. What idiots! Anybody with half a brain could see hidden among that pile of throw-away wood was a boat, or an airplane, or a bastion of commerce on Wall Street. With a hammer and a few nails I would take from the pile and build a masterpiece.

I look back today and see it for what it was. At the time it was the most wondrous of things that carried me away on a sojourn of thought, playful artifacts of child creation swooping me away to far reaches of the world where I could battle pirates or arm wrestle with Genghis Kahn.

Creative MindMy adult mind only sees the fragments of wood and the haphazard arrangement of nails sticking from every corner of my art-work. (It occurs to me I did all that without safety glasses or an OSHA inspector.) I completely understand the absolute peril of growing up.

So the creative centers of my mind are very child-like. When I can get those ten-year-old brain waves flowing, unencumbered by bills and bad news, the things I see are amazing. I do my best writing when I am able to shake off the shackles of adulthood and create with the mind of a child.

A blank sheet of paper is akin to a landscape ready bulldoze into shape, ready to take seed and express emotion. My job is to clear away everything that isn’t the story.


First Wednesday

The sun is high in the sky and temps on the plains are more like April than January. It’s the first Wednesday of 2012 and without my weirdo posts to fall back on I have to figure out what to write about. I don’t have the crutch of a regular topic to be researched and written. I have to be creative on my own and I haven’t even had coffee yet.

The horror… the horror…

The truth is I was getting a bit burned out on Weirdo Wednesday anyway.

Without a game plan, an idea or concept, I’ll be winging it, so to speak, from here on out. You’ll be getting whatever I can come up with. It’ll be a wide range of musings, my perceptions, my hopes and dreams, and my spin on current events.

I’d like to explore the obscure and mundane aspects of life. What better challenge is there than to write the minutia of one’s life and make it interesting. Now there’s a personal contest I can sink my keyboard into.  Many days will be fairly short and brief snippets of my day. Occasionally I will drift into some kind of rant, although I’m not really a ranter. (Come to think of it I could probably use the practice.)

All in all I’m looking forward to more writing in 2012.

Who knows… I may even finish Haunting Charleston.

First, find out what your hero wants, then just follow him!
– Ray Bradbury

My Christmas Gift to Everyone

Merry Christmas all. It’s a beautiful morning here on the plains.

As my special Christmas gift to everybody I am offering my novel HAUNTING INJUSTICE, as a FREE GIFT to download at Smashwords. This is a TODAY ONLY deal.

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Haunting Injustice“A bona fide, page turning thriller!” – Apex Reviews….

Ghosts, murder, kidnapping, technology, love and romance. This ghost story has it all. Phoenix Worthy, noted paranormal investigator, lives in the most haunted city in America, Savannah, Ga. His latest hunt brings him face-to-face with a brutal killer. The only question is… Who is more deadly–the killer or the ghosts of his victims?

Writing Assignments

American TowmanIn case you’ve ever wondered what The Prodigal Scribe does (besides write incredible fiction) to pay the bills, I thought I would point you to some of my ongoing projects. You’ve already seen the Digital Art Magazine out of London I work with. Here’s another place where I hone my journalistic skills.

I piece together a weekly feature called “Illustrated” where I highlight graphics for tow trucks and other news associated with different aspects of the towing industry. It’s not sexy but it helps pay the bills.

Check out: http://towindustryweek.com/Illustrated/

The Glendale Witch

The Glendale WitchJust released in Paperback and for Kindle — The Glendale Witch written by my favorite writer, Deborah Winter-Blood and available at Amazon.com

Seventeen-year-old Celeste must use her newly discovered magical powers to save her ancestors from an ancient demon as environmental catastrophe hangs in the balance. Luckily, she has a pet iguana and a lovestruck Satyr to show her the way as she battles through strange elemental worlds, breaking hearts and casting spells as she goes.

This is a marvelous read for young adults. If you like contemporary YA fantasy with a magical outcome check out this title. This book is extremely well written with a very distinct voice. The author has managed to take an extraordinary adventure and wrap it around a very diverse character set. The story moved quickly as the main character discovers her magical heritage and goes through some serious challenges, growing stronger along the way, yet managing to stick to her core values.

The ending will make you want to stand up and cheer!!

This work is listed as a Young Adult Fantasy but had everything I like in a good book. Adventure, action, wonderful environments, great characters and splashes of humor. It held my attention throughout.

Check out The Glendale Witch. More info available at the website: theglendalewitch.com.

Sweet Summer Rain

Boy splashing in the rain puddles

Photo: 123rf.com

They’ve been calling it a heat dome. I’ve been calling it simply, “OMG!”

Temperatures soaring above 100° for weeks on end, stealing color from the grass, nourishment from the soil and peace from the inner-spirit. Farmer’s have cursed the relentless ignition of the summer sun, robbing their field of crops and their pockets of income. The unprecedented swelter of 2011 has blanketed middle America for weeks on end with no end in sight.

Through the dog days of summer what little refuge to be found was a small room with the little air conditioner that could — a treasure box of cool air filling the space with escape.

Day after blistering day the dogs would look up, their eyes screaming, “You have got to be kidding me!” Together we fought the battle of summer in that little paradise of coolness, clinging to the little respite and counting the days until the blazing sun would release her scorching grip.

Today the rains came to intervene. The sweet smell of rainwater sifting through the leaves was like perfume, an aroma missing for far too long. The loud crack of thunder and flashing spark signaled a line drawn in the heavens. The rain played hero this morning and I sat on the porch in wonderment and watched puddles dance a celebration of victory, each droplet a little orb of hope for the next coming day.

It’s just one of those days…

I just can’t seem to think of anything to write about. It’s not like I couldn’t make something up if I wanted to. That’s kind of what I do. I write fiction. I make stuff up. Fiction writers, for all practical purposes, are professional liars.

They make up stuff about make-believe people doing make-believe things in make-believe places. They kill people, they make love everywhere — planes, trains, automobiles, in space and under water. They travel to far off lands in balloons or by tornado.

Ah the life of a fiction writer.

What I have found out about writing a blog as opposed to writing fiction is you have to be very careful about the kind of stuff you make up. Fiction in a blog is almost like creative writing in a newspaper. A good news writer gives the truth scope.

I want to be able to write in ways that lets me tell the truth in a fictional kind of way. Where I use colorful metaphors and tasty adjectives to show you something with my words. Like one of my favorite writing quotes by Anton Chekhov, “Don’t tell me the moon is shining; show me the glint of light on broken glass.”

To read good writing is like sipping fine wine – it has flavor, sometimes in ways you just can’t quite put your finger on, but you know it’s better than that other wine you’ve been sipping. Some writing reads like the Sears catalog — facts and prices.  Others read like the symphony where slight nuggets of delicious sound escapes along the way to round out the full range of the musical experience, rising to a crescendo and dragging your emotions along for the ride.

You ever read a good book and when you finished it felt like you had just stayed on a mad bull for the full eight seconds? I want to write like that. But not today, or so it seems.