“Taxi” Star Jeff Conaway Dead at 60

I remember him primarily for his Taxi character, struggling actor Bobby Wheeler, and for his role on Babylon 5 as Sgt. Zack Allen.

Years later I would come to know him as Jeff Conaway, alcoholic/addict, struggling to find recovery and a little peace on Celebrity Rehab. He found neither. Where do you go from “Rehab Dropout”?

On the 11th of May, Conway was taken to the hospital after being found unconscious in his home. Initially it was thought he overdosed on pain medications. Dr. Drew Pinsky visited Conaway and reported the actor had not suffered a drug overdose, but rather from “pneumonia with sepsis.” He was placed into an induced coma.

Yesterday doctors removed him from life support after confirming the complete absence of brain activity.

Conaway’s manager recently lamented about his long-time client and friend. “Through it all, Conaway was a ‘gentle soul’ who simply was not able to ‘exorcise his demons’.”

Jeff Conaway, dead at 60.

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