The Broad Path

I’m convinced life’s journey is exactly what you make of it. Sure you are influenced by the circumstances around you; the job, the bank account, the lover, the geography, and everything else in your sphere of life. For example, it’s hard to go to the beach in Oklahoma and I sure would like to go to the beach.

I remember a time in my life where I was bound by my perceptions. At one time I had pretty low self esteem but looking at me from the outside you would have never known it. I was the proverbial duck in the pond, calm as a summer afternoon but paddling like hell underneath.

When I was bound by my excesses I would sit at home, watch TV and drink. I had quit being a bar drinker some time before that and chose to wash my demons away in front of Monday Night Football, Moonlighting, and MacGyver.

I didn’t like where I saw that train heading and before the big crash came, I got off. It was the summer of ’87. I was lost as last years Easter egg. I didn’t exactly know what the answer was but I knew the solution was not going to be found in the bottom of a glass.

The path was pretty narrow in those days. As I’ve matured over the years and began taking in what life has to offer, that path began to widen. As I’ve gotten in tune with who I am and where I fit I discovered that I had it all wrong all along.

I’ve heard it described as a disease of perception and I couldn’t see it until I could see it. Amid the chaos and challenges that life can bring it wasn’t the stuff that always seemed to happen to me. Stuff just happened—period. Usually it had nothing to do with me although I did not see that at the time.

Armed with that handy little bit of information the path widened in front of me. I could start enjoying life on a different level—inside. These days I absolutely insist on enjoying life in spite of life’s little bumps. I’m responsible for what goes on inside.

Life is good today and nothing spectacular happened.

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