The Cough Drop Buffett

It seems like such a simple thing – picking out just the right cough drop. Simple? I don’t think so. Have you been on the cough drop aisle lately? Aside from the venerable Halls, Vicks, and Riiii-colaaaa, you get your basic store brands and generics.  It’s a regular drop-a-pa-looza out there.

Why just in the Halls brand, you have dozens of selections to choose from – Regular Halls, Halls Plus, Halls Naturals, and for those waist conscious sick people, Sugar-Free Halls.  On top of that, you have to pick the flavor. OMG, the madness of it all. And the competition doesn’t make it any easier.  Between the Pippi-Longstocking girl on the Swiss Alps hawking the benifits of Riiii-colaaaa to the Cougar mom sharing a moment with her sons roommate, sex sells even cough drops.


Pardon me… I need a brain scrub. Really, are you freaking kidding me? In what advertiser mind is that even close to being okay. Frankly, I’m leaning towards Swiss Miss. Riiii-colaaaa…

2 thoughts on “The Cough Drop Buffett

  1. Jo Kaser

    Love the blog, -the commercial is one sick puppy, but my reaction is colored by some events in a friends’ life right now. What a miracle that you’re not concocting your own ‘cough syrup’ today, Mickey

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