The eyes have it

It’s easy to take something as simple as seeing for granted – that is until you can’t. Many of you know that almost two years ago surgeons removed a cataract from my right eye. It was to a point where all I could see was a blur. The cataract was surgically removed and a permanent lens implant inserted underneath the cornea. Within days I was seeing better than I had in years.

So now, two years later, the same issue has attacked the left eye. It’s going to be the same solution. I would like to get in sooner, but they are backed up about three months, so I am probably looking at sometime late March or early April. I’ll have to struggle along with it until then. The downside is the headaches that comes from spending screen time. I’ll just have to deal with that as it comes.

On a side note, tomorrow I start a ‘liquid diet’ to get ready for The Event on Thursday. I’m looking forward to a short term weight loss in the ten pound range leading up to The Event. I have to check in at the VA this Thursday at noon for The Event. Until then, I’ll slowly starve myself and drink their vile solution. I’ll probably tell you more than you ever wanted to know about The Event. Until then it’s jello and grape juice – blech!

“He’s going to stick a tube 17,000 feet up your butt.” ~ Dave Barry – The Miami Herald

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