The Floating City (Short Fiction)

“And, three… two…. one,” the producer counted down to air time. Dan Allen looked into the camera and quickly went into face mode. He could talk and smile at the same time with the air of intellect pretty much unheard of in the realm of talking heads.

“Good morning, Norfolk, Dan Allen here bringing you live coverage of this historic event.” He turned to gesture offshore at the light fog settled over the Atlantic.  “You are just now starting to see the top of the Empire State building coming into view.” After a short pause he gave directions to his cameraman, “Hank, see if you can zoom onto the New York skyline as it passes to our east.”  Dozens of spectators gathered at Virginia Beach with binoculars and cameras to watch the city float past the coast of Virginia.  Dan was at his best with an on-hand audience.

After the collapse of the New York economy and the sale of California to the Japanese, it was only fitting that the Seminole Indian tribe of Florida would exercise first option on the purchase of Manhattan.  They successfully argued to the Supreme Court that the contract for the sale of the island to the Dutch in 1626 fell under tribal law.  A little known twist in tribal contracts gave the Seminoles the right to buy-back the island at an amount equal to the rate of inflation plus twenty percent.  Considering the original purchase amount was roughly twenty-four dollars, after factoring in the inflation plus the buy-back fee, the Seminoles took possession of Manhattan for the unheard of price of Twelve hundred dollars.  The city was shocked when the tribe announced that they would be moving Manhattan Island to Florida.

“As you can see ladies and gentlemen, New York city is headed south for its new positioning off the Coast of Jacksonville.” Dan lifted his hand to his earpiece and said, “wait a minute, folks, my producer is passing off a new flash.  It seems that the tribal elders have decided to rename New York to New Jack.  Quite fitting considering its new home.”

Dan Allen turned back to face the camera and with the skyline of the city disappearing to the distant south, said, “Manhattan Island is headed to its new anchor point off Jacksonville.  For a full story on this historic event, you won’t want to miss the report on Sixty Minutes this Sunday night, An Island in the Gulf Stream…. Back to you, Brad.”

Copyright 2010-2011, by Mickey Mills, All Rights Reserved.
This is a fictional account. No small animals or sea creatures were harmed in this writing.

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