The Journey

The JourneyThere’s always a question that leads to another question that rounds the bend of an answer on the way to the next question. It’s the journey. We leave the womb and for the rest of our days do essentially two things. We learn and evolve. The actions are just part of the learning. We act, sometimes doing good – sometimes doing not so good, and paying the price either way.

We make mistakes. We have triumphs and failures. We turn left when we should have turned right and would not know until long after the turn was made. It’s the journey. We do not regret the past nor wish to shut the door on it. We want to turn from our mistakes but sometimes we repeat them in spite of the lesson.

I’m not some big philosophical giant with spiritual underpinnings that provide immediate buoyancy in the face of disaster or chaos. I’m very human with human frailties and flaws. I’ve made mistakes along the way. Haven’t we all?

Over the past several months I’m written something here every day, most of it mindless regurgitation of things that mean a lot to me and other things that mean very little. Stupid little observations about the world around me just to fill in the page so I could say I blogged today, and to what end?

What have you learned about me other than my ability to string a word or two together in some coherent way to inform, instruct, or on rare occasion bring a little insight into the author.

In the future I want to do a better job of writing about the journey. What brought me to this moment? And maybe even more important, what got us to this point. There is an intersection of journeys going on every day. People, animals, institutions, countries, politics, attitudes and ideals, all converging on this rock, on this journey, headed towards something.

I don’t know what or where that something is. All I know for sure is this…

It is a journey and, at times, quite the adventure. In the future I am going to do a better job of sharing my journey with you, the good, the bad, the ugly, and occasionally the horror. And maybe in discovering my journey it will allow you to see your journey from a different angle. If we all learn something in the process it was good work. I’m going to do my part.

[box] You should live every day like it’s your last day because one day you’re gonna be right. — Ray Charles [/box]

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