The Words Won’t Come

The last couple of days have been a writer’s nightmare for me.  The editor open, the cursor blinking, the fingers hovering over the keyboard ready to spew forth the inspiration of creation.  A story to be crafted with sentences weaved together in a coherent mechanism of literary genius.  I want to write… nay, I NEED to write, but the background noise in the cranium seem to be draining away the creative juices like a child sucks Kool-Aide from a plastic box.

I know its there – the story, I mean.  I have the framework on paper, the concept, the characters and the path from first word to last period seemed so clear just two days ago, and BAM… it all disappeared like money into con man’s scam.  I don’t have the words.  What a nightmarish place for a writer.  A writer without words is like a kite without wind, or a scholar without a school, or a soldier without a mission.  Frankly…. It kinda sucks!!!

So, what do I do about it?

I just did. (See above)

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