After committing to a blog-a-day in 2011, it occurs to me that’s 365 posts.  Fifty-two of those days are covered with my Weirdo Wednesday feature (next week’s weirdo is really weird.)  The question remains what to do with the other 313 days. If I knock off another 50 days for surrounding holiday periods and other happenings to provide blog fodder, that leaves 263 days I will have to find something to blog about. I blog… therefore I am!

I tend to cover a wide range of stuff here, but I purposely avoid a few topics simply because I want to keep a rather narrow focus on this blog and would prefer not to stray too far off the path with naturally divisive issues. Although I write for myself, I want to keep in mind there is an audience of readers at the other end and want to make sure I am focusing on topics that are not only entertaining, but informative.

As a writer I will be doing some posts about the craft, but beyond that I’m going to tackle current events, some entertainment news, and personal observations about various things.  I want to make this blog interactive, so I’d like some feedback.  You’ve seen my style and the way I view the world. Beyond the things I am already writing about, what topics would like like to see me take on?  Consider this an open invitation to paint on my canvas.

Blogging is hard because of the grind required to stay interesting and relevant. ~Sufia Tippu


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