Waiting for Books

This is a lot like waiting for the Publishers Clearing house mailer. You know it’s going to be here, you just don’t know when. I figured I would have a box of books here by the middle of the month and shipping them off to those of you who took the pre-order option.

I would like to think the reason it is taking so long is because the publisher knows how good a work it is, they want to handle it with special care. Or maybe it is because instead of printing it the man on the press is reading it. Possibly it’s because the winter weather has the ink flowing like sap from a Canadian maple – painfully slow. It could be a simple factor of Franklin’s Law:  The lateness of the delivery is in direct proportion to the desire to have it. By the time the books show up I hope I have enough fingers left to hold the pen.

Whenever they do arrive, I’ll be busy turning them back around to readers.  I’m anxious to hear how everyone likes it.

“Do, or do not. There is no ‘try’.” – Yoda

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