What it was, was football.

Although, what I watched yesterday was more like General Custard at the Little Big Horn, than football. The South Carolina Gamecocks were overrun by Auburn in a lopsided altercation to decide the Southeast Conference Championship. Now, I’m not normally a big college football fan, but I opted to watch, only because my beloved Gamecocks have never been to the title game. In hindsight, I wish I had waited for the Sunday paper to get the score. I’m kind of squimish around slaughters. The final score was 56-17. It was pretty ugly.

The Auburn quarterback showed skill and poise almost unheard of at the college level. With a name like Van Newton, the Nikes and Gatorades of the world is going to love this guy, assuming he doesn’t punk out in the NFL like Danny  Weurfel, Ryan Leaf, and maybe Matt Lienart.

I promise you – this will be my one and only football blog this year. But I did want to leave you with this. The title of this blog relates to an old Andy Griffith comedy routine recorded in Raleigh, NC., in 1953. This monologue launched the career of one of America’s most loved actors.


The illustrations used in this video were drawn by George Woodbridge, a Mad Magazine artist. They appeared in Mad Magazine in 1958

“It’s not the will to win, but the will to prepare to win, that makes the difference.”
~ Coach Paul “Bear” Bryant


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