Weirdo Wednesday – April 27, 2011

This headline got my attention:

“Florida: America’s Weirdest State”

AOL always has the best weirdo stuff and having spent a lot of time in the Sunshine State, I had no choice but to dig deeper.

According to Fark admin and AOL Weird News contributor, Tony Deconinck,  “Other states have odd stories come out of them, but no state can challenge Florida. It’s the heavyweight champion of weirdness.”

That last line convinced me to include God’s waiting room in the archives of Weirdo Wednesday.

Once upon a time, while out serving my country, I was stationed at MacDill AFB in Tampa. I should of known when I got my first look at Jai-Alai I was dealing with a population existing in another dimension of weirdness. Between the odd sport and the seedy side of town where I found myself on occasion, the weirdness of Florida totaly escaped me. (More than likely that’s because in the early 70’s I was somewhat weird myself, but let’s not pursue that.)

Florida resident and weird news legend Chuck Shepherd claims that Florida became capital of America’s weird news a little more than a decade ago. I’ll see your hanging chad and raise you one Presidential Election.

AOL Weird News claims their journalists have written more weird news stories about Florida than any other state — and with pieces about a mom accused of driving her son’s getaway car, an orthodontist who repairs turtle shellsbags of stolen dildos, and a bikini brawl at a Burger King — I think it’s safe to say they have plenty of weirdness to deal with.

They are so weird they even have their own book about it. (Amazon: Weird Florida)

So I am verrrrrrry comfortable presenting you this week’s weirdo: The State of Florida.

If you’d like to read more about Florida’s weirdness check out the AOL Weird News story HERE.

And the weirdest house in America is where?


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