Weirdo Wednesday – August 3, 2011

I can say with absolute certainty that one of everyone’s favorite online shopping place is They’ve got a little bit of everything for everybody. They got books, camping gear, pots and pans, and every little gadget you could hope to hope for.

With that kind of inventory — you are going to find some pretty weird stuff. Let’s start with the odd, strange and bizarre books, not in any particular order. (Parental discretion advised)

And if you think the books are weird, you should see some of the other stuff you can buy at Amazon.

Doesn’t that deserve a big weirdo Wednesday WTF???

3 thoughts on “Weirdo Wednesday – August 3, 2011

  1. F. Flint Yeager

    I’ve heard of “Haunted Noses”. Ones where the owner need to blow or pick the boogers out. Is the haunted V similar to that?

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