Weirdo Wednesday – August 31, 2011

It’s a weirdo stampede.

The problem I have is not finding a weirdo, there is a plethora to be found, it’s coming up the leader of the pack—the top weirdo, the big kahuna, the weirdest of the weird, the commander-in-weirdness. It’s selecting the one person who strives to redefine weird.

I know they are out there. It takes real talent to separate yourself from the rest of the weirdness pack, but occasionally, some goof will step out to be heard.

Take for example this weeks weirdo, when a passenger trying to pass security at Miami international airport was discovered with seven snakes and three tortoises in his pants.

… in his pants!!

Now when I first hear this I was thinking “Turtle” like the little green quarter sized creature we kept in a small fishbowl on the bookshelf. And then someone pointed out that tortoises tend to run a good bit bigger.

I’m not even going to start with the “Snakes on the Plane” jokes.

Who this weirdo is remains a mystery and probably for good reasons. For the time being he gets the “Unknown Weirdo” award.

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