Weirdo Wednesday – June 8, 2011

As government offices struggle with operating budgets and how to work through financial shortfalls, the L.A. Coroner has found a creative way to supplement.

Since 1993 the Coroner’s office has operated a Gift Shop, “Skeletons in the Closet,” at their Mission Road location. They sell an assortment of gifts and Coroner memorabilia such as tee-shirts, coffee cups, ink pens, books and dvds. One of the more popular items is the “Chalk-outline” mouse pads.

Skeletons in the Closet features a complete line of quality souvenir items, such as beach towels, tee-shirts, tote bags, baseball caps, coroner toe tag key chains, boxer shorts called “undertakers,” and more. Each item displays a unique Los Angeles County Coroner design such as a skeleton in Sherlock Holmes attire, a chalked-out body outline or the L.A. County Coroner seal.

Response to this marketing program has been overwhelmingly positive and has received worldwide interests, particularly throughout the United States and Canada. Customer awareness has been generated through much publicized newspaper and magazine articles, as well as radio and television appearances.

A worldwide mail order business has been established with over 30,000 names of people interested in receiving the annual Skeletons in the Closet catalog. Customer names are constantly being added to the mailing list throughout the year from visitors to the shop, and daily telephone requests. You can even get your very own Toe Tag.

For more information contact Skeletons in the Closet, (323) 343-0760.

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