Weirdo Wednesday – March 16, 2011

I may have to raise the bar.

What would’ve been weird, say a dozen years ago, has almost become commonplace. Between hoarders and politicians, the lines between weird and normal have blurred.

Also, it’s a matter of perception. For example, the people I’ve selected as this week’s weirdos would be perfectly normal in many circles.  It’s likely they would even be pulled into a group hug without a second thought.

Nickolus Borgman and three friends were out tooling (no pun intended) along the streets of Lincoln, Nebraska, when they were pulled over by the police. I’m sure the patrolman thought it would be no different than any other traffic stop.  Except when the officer got to the window of Mr. Borgman’s pickup truck, he discovered that the driver and his three passengers were all naked.

Busted for Naked Joyride!

According to, when asked what they were doing, one of them replied, “I think we are getting in trouble.”

Nick Borgman escaped a DWC (Driving Without Clothes) charge. (An unidentified source within the Sheriff’s Department said that there is no law against driving naked.) However, Mr. Borman was arrested for DWI.

It seems alcohol was involved in this little jaunt around the neighborhood.  Imagine that.

Additionally, all the passengers were cited for not wearing seatbelts. I imagine there was a chafing issue.

I wonder if the pickup truck was a stick shift? That could be dangerous.


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